We offer the dishes for local specialty of Oita, Oita wagyu-beef dishes (which goes well with a wine), western dishes, Japanese dishes, soft shelled turtle dishes (special local products of Ajimu-town), Japanese loach dishes (special local products of Innai-town), and the chef’s original recommendation dishes. We can also prepare the special menu for big group.





Our shop have many kinds of wine, special local products and souvenir from Ajimu and Innai town.You can enjoy the free tasting of the best season wine at the shop.






Ajimu is one of the largest grape production area in Western Japan.
『Asagiri no sho』is located in front of Winery『Ajimu Budoushu koubou 』(This winery won many prize at wine competition in and outside Japan)
It takes five minutes by car from Ajimu IC(Expressway) and it is also near from a famous hot spring (Onsen) area Yufuin and Beppu.
You can enjoy the taste of local special food such as soft shelled turtle dishes, Japanese loach dishes which you can’t experience in other places.
There is a shop beside a restaurant where you can buy a local wine, Shochu(Japanese distilled liquor), house special grape juice and many souvenirs from Ajimu and Innai town.

Restaurant Menu



Oita Wagyu (Oita black haired beef) known as a soft meat and fine textured marbled meat.
It is Oita prefecture bland Japanese beef. 〈Oita Wagyu sirloin steak set \4,730〉
Japanese BBQ

Japanese BBQ

We offer black haired Wagyu beef.
We have Special Japanese BBQ combo for family and group.
〈Japanese BBQ combo \1,870 per person〉
Western Menu

Western food

Beef stew(Large pieces of beef and vegetables stewed with Ajimu wine)
〈Beef stew set \1,870〉
Soft-shelled turtle set

Soft-shelled turtle food

Soft-shelled turtle has a very rich in nutritional known as a nourishing tonic. It also has full of collagen which is good and healthy for skin and getting popular among woman.
In the set there are soft-shelled turtle hot pot, deep fried and Japanese steamed egg custard with very reasonable price. 〈\3,850〉
We also offer as a single item menu for deep fried soft-shelled turtle, deep fried loach, soft-shelled turtle soup.
B-grade cuisine (cheap but tasty local food)

B-class gourmet

Horumon ramen: Won the 2nd prize in the Local B-grade cuisine match in Kyushu vol.5
The pork bone based soup ramen with special miso grilled beef or pork guts.
Limited for 20 dishes per day  
〈Horumon ramen \880〉
Teppan yaki Horumon ramen: Stir fry noodle with Horumon(beef or pork guts).
〈Teppan yaki Horumon ramen \990〉
Plate and Rice bowl (Don)

Special bowl of rice

High-quality Japanese beef with special source on top (\1,650). Limited for 20 dishes per day
Beef tendons rice bowl
Deep fried chicken rice bowl
Tuna rice bowl
Local specialty of Oita

Loca speciality of Oita

『Bungo set menu』\1,650
Dango-jiru(Traditional miso soup with dumpling), deep fried chicken, small dish, and rice)
Kids set menu

Kids combo

Main dish, juice, dessert \990
Seasonal meal (For group)

Seasonal food

We offer various seasonal meal for a group (reservation required) \1,650〜\2,200
These menu are only one instance among many


Store name winery restaurant Asagiri-no-sho
Address 828-2 Shimoge,Ajimu-town,Usa-city,Oita,#872-0521
(Ajimu Family village)
Contact Info Tel +81-978-44-1236
Fax +81-978-44-1116
URL http://asagirinisho.com/
facility The restaurant capacity for 156 people, Shop, Wheelchair accessible restroom,
parking lot(free)
Business hours AM8:30-PM17:00(Last order 16:30pm)
Special extend time 〜21:00pm (confirmation required)
*winter time(December-February)


By Car 1. Get off at “Ajimu IC” on the Usa Beppu Expressway
2. Turn left at the exit to Route 42
3. At the cross junction of Usa City hall Ajimu branch, turn right to Kazoku ryokou mura Ajimu. (5 mins from exit of Ajimu IC)
From Fukuoka 1.On Oita Expressway head to Hiji JCT to get on the Usa Beppu Expressway.
2.Then get off at “Ajimu IC” on the Usa Beppu Express
3.Then follow the order from 2 to 3 of “By Car”
※Time duration from Fukuoka: About 2.5 hour
By Train It will take about 1.5 hour from Fukuoka (JR Hakata station) to JR Usa Station or JR Yanagigaura (JR Nippou Honsen Line)
It will take about 30 min from JR Beppu station.
It will take about 30mins from JR Yanagigaura or Usa Station (JR Nippou Honsen Line) by Taxi.(About 5,000yen)

We accept Credit cards and Electronic money